Age is no guarantee of efficiency.
I’ll hazard I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pajamas before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do in a year in the field.

          “Managed to get a few things repaired and cleaned up here. I’d have to admit, its rather nice having Q Branch to myself at this hour.”

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–– “Oh, I don’t know. I’d half a mind to give you the wrong time, but that’s me. She shrugged. Others might not be quite so contrary about things.


–– “And for the record, it’s not that I’m some sort of boring layabout who stands around doing nothing all day. I’m waiting for a friend.

      “I'm really hoping you didn't chose to give me the wrong time of day.” He made a face. “Right, I'm sure someone like myself would just take the risk to ask a person like that the time.”

      “How would I know? You seemed to be standing here for quite sometime, thats why I asked you for the time rather than someone else. Well I suppose I should wish you luck with that friend of yours, mean I hope you two wont be standing around like you are now.”

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littlemissonamission asked : ♣ ☼ ☮
♣ - What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general)

   Q is mortified by some of his nervous ticks, whether it be the adjusting of his glasses, or the small idly movements of his fingers. He rarely notices it, but a few people have pointed it out to him over the years. 

☼ - Something that/Someone who makes them happy.

   When he finds himself in one of his rather of moods, Q always resorts to a good cup of tea and a book, its something about the small act of reading with a good cup that puts him at ease, and most of the time in a better mood.

☮ - Do they have an idol or someone they look up to?

   There are several people that Q looks up to, one of which is 007 himself, the others are small people though out his years as a rouge hacker that he has always sworn to either be just as good, if not better.

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questions about your character.

- What does ‘love’ mean to them?
- What are they afraid of?
- What is one thing about them that they are most proud of?
- What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general)
- Do they prefer daytime or nighttime and why?
- Are they prone to nightmares or dreamless sleep?
- Something that/Someone who makes them happy.
- If they’re caught out in the rain how do they react?
- Are they musically inclined?
- What kind of music do they enjoy?
- How do they react to praise?
- How do they handle rejection?
- Do they prefer sour or sweet treats?
-  Favorite season and why?
- Do they have an idol or someone they look up to?
- Do they have a love interest?
- Who is someone they just cannot stand?
- Do they value loyalty?
- Do they trust easily?

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          Ah, the gun. I suppose I have that too; a man has got to feel safe now, doesn’t he? Especially with the firepower on that one— helps me sleep at night.

                           And what exactly did you hear, Q?

             I suppose, but do try to keep it in one piece. Q Branch put quite a lot of work into that gun, it’d be a shame to see it in pieces on its next visit back to the Branch.

           A number of things, 007, we’d be here all day if I were to tell you it all.

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–– Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence. She looks down at her wrist. It’s half twelve. You really should wear a watch. Especially if you’re going to call people boring before asking for the time. They might try to mess with you.

         ”Well you’ve been standing around for quite some time so I can only gather you’ll continue to do the same.” He made a slight face. “I forgot mine this morning. I guess you could say I was in a bit of a rush. I hardly think anyone would try to mess with me after a simple observation.”

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     ”Did you want something, or were you just going to stand and wait for me to do something interesting?”

            “Well if I were to be doing that, I’d be waiting for a rather long time, or so I gather I will be. Anyways, do you by any chance have the time?”

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